How to set Path of JDK in Windows

For setting the permanent path of JDK, you need to follow these steps one by one :

Go to MyComputer properties
 -> advanced tab 
-> environment variables
 -> new tab of user variable 
-> write path in variable name 
-> write path of bin folder in variable value 
-> ok 
-> ok
 -> ok

For Example:

1)Right click on My computer then Go to MyComputer properties

2)click on advanced tab

3)click on environment variables tab

4)click on new tab of user variables

5)Type path in variable name

6)Copy the path of bin folder-goto c drive copy from program files -> java -> JRK path-> copy it

7)paste path of bin folder in variable value

8)click on ok button

9)click on ok button

Now you have set permanent set.You can now execute any program of java from any drive.

Note : Goto Run commant promt window -> type ->CMD -> you get black screen -> type javac -> if you get information about jdk or else you not properly set class path, repaet again and check it.

If you can not understand please watch this video.

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